Ryland Heights Fire/EMS
10041 Decoursey Pike Ryland Heights, KY 41015
Welcome to Ryland Heights Fire/EMS
A Message from your Ryland Heights Fire Team!!
 ladies and gentlemen.  We at Ryland Heights Fire Strive to be efficient,and effective in our duties.  However,  in recent calls/runs many of our team has had trouble finding homes effectively.  especially at night!  We ask everyone in the district to please place street numbers on your homes and mailbox that can be clearly visible and can be plainly seen from the street. In both directions.  please help us help you in your time of need. by not doing this we risk precious minutes finding your home
Thank you again for your concerns
your Ryland Heights Fire/EMS Team
EMS Weekend
Ryland Heights Fire/EMS, Piner Fire District and Kenton Fire District will be hosting a EMS weekend for all of northern Kentucky recertifying EMT's. Please go to our Training page for further details.